How to Start a Blog in 2020 from Scratch? [Step by Step Guide]

Do you want to start a blog in 2020 and make passive income online?

Well, I would say this will be the best decision of your life. 

Starting a blog is not a big deal,  all you need is some guidance, which helps you to start a blog in 2020.

To be very honest, Blogging has the power to change your life completely. You can live that life which you are dreaming of. If you are serious and consider your blog as a business it can create fortunes for you. 

If you have any doubt in your mind, let me share some real-life proofs:-


Earning Proof of Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is one of the top bloggers in India. This is the income report he has shared on his blog ShoutMeLoud. His lifetime estimated earnings from AdSense is around 50,512 US Dollars. However, I want to remind you that the main earning source of Harsh is affiliate marketing. He earns around 33 lakhs rupees per month through blogging. 

Anil Agarwal, Founder of BloggersPassion

Anil Agarwal is the founder & owner of BloggersPassion. You can see by yourself how much he shared his earnings on his own blog-

Now, I am quite sure you have realized the power of blogging. So, are you excited to start your blog? I know you are.

Here are the nine easy & simple steps to start your profitable blog without committing any mistake.

Step 1: Choose a Niche for your Blog

Step 2: Choose a Good Domain Name for your Blog

Step 3: Select a Good Hosting

Step 4: Setup your WordPress Blog

Step 5: Choose a Beautiful Theme

​Step 6: Some Important Plugins for your Blog 

​Step 7: Write & Publish your first Post

Step 8: Promote Your Blog for Instant Traffic

​Step 9: Best Ways to Monetize your Blog

Step 1: Choose a Niche for Your Blog 

Choose A Niche For Your Blog

This is the most vital and very crucial step for starting a blog. You need to define a niche before starting a successful blog. 

In simple words, a niche is a category that you write most often in your blog. 

99% of bloggers quit blogging in six months because they fail to choose a niche which they are passionate about, so defining the niche is very essential. 

But the real question is How to choose a niche?

To become a successful blogger, you need to choose the niche in which you can easily compile information and write. 

So choose the niche in which you are the most comfortable or you have deep knowledge about that niche.

You need to provide the unique, compelling and fresh content to your readers in order to engage them with your content. 

So choosing the niche of your interest and sharing your own point of view will help you to differentiate your personal blog from the competition.

You need to focus on two factors that are profitability and your passion to define your niche. These two factors must align with your niche. 

If you’re choosing a niche in which you are passionate about but it doesn’t have enough potential to generate income then definitely you are going to meet failure.

Similarly, if you are choosing any niche just because there is big earning potential and not having any interest that will also lead you to failure.

 So, Here is the way to align both the factors. Check these points before considering any niche for your blog-


Check you can make money from that?

Does that niche have enough affiliate programs or not?

Does that niche have a good volume of keywords or not?

And last, you can visit the other same niche blog to check if they have shared their earnings so that you can make any guess with their earning figure.


Do you have the interest in that niche?

Can you share articles of that niche?

Can you solve the other problems of that niche with your writing?

You need to ask the above important questions to define a perfect niche for your blog. However, if you are still struggling you can follow the second method:

  • Take a Pen & Paper
  • Make a list of your interests & hobbies
  • Then, select the niche which you liked the most in the list
  • Figure out various ways through which you can generate money in that niche
  • Check affiliate programs in that niche 
  • And, then you’re ready to set up a profitable blog

Step 2: Choose a Good Domain Name for your blog

pick a domain name

Finding the domain name is not a very big task but you must choose a decent blog name as later it is going to define your brand. If you have already decided your blog you can skip this part and head over to the next part. 

If not, let me help you to find a good domain name for your blog. 

Domain - A domain name is an identification string that helps the users to access your website. It is a URL that users will type to access your blog. 

So, the question is What things you must consider before registering a domain name? 

Here are five tips for you to find a good domain name-

Use Keywords: Whenever choosing a domain name try to involve your main keyword in the domain name. It will help your visitor to understand the niche of your website, and at the same time, it will also help in SEO. 

Keep it Short & Simple: Always keep your domain name simple & short because it will be easy to pronounce & easy to remember. 

Don’t Use Numbers: Avoid using numbers in your domain, as it will look unprofessional and it is also not easy to remember the numbers. 

Use TLD Extensions: Use top-level domain for your blog, .com is most preferable. If you want to rank your website in a particular country use the country extension. 

Use a Decent Name: Use a decent name for your blog. It must sound good and easy to remember.

Follow the above tips to register a good domain name for your blog. 

Now, let’s move to the next step.

Step 3: Choose a Good Hosting for your Blog

hosting for your blog

Hosting is a place where all your website data is stored. It gets your blog online. So, it is important to choose a good hosting for your blog. There are thousands of hosting options available but I highly recommend to use Hostinger.

The reason is pretty simple.  

Hostinger is the best hosting for newbies and their service & support is fantastic. What makes it more captivating is its price. Unlike other hosting, you can use Hostinger hosting at a very nominal price. 

Don’t believe me? Here are some real reviews about Hostinger. 

Guide to buy Domain and Hosting from Hostinger

Follow these simple steps to purchase the domain and hosting for your very first blog:

Click on the following special link to head over to Hostinger.

After visiting the website, click on the Get Started button under Web Hosting section.

Then, choose the right hosting plan for you. Since you are just getting started I would recommend you to go with Single Shared Hosting Plan.

But if you are planning to start few more blogs in nearby future then my personal recommendation would be Premium Shared Hostinger.  It allows you to host multiple domains on the same hosting. 

Note that, you won't get a free domain with Single Shared Hosting Plan.

After selecting the plan, it will take over to the cart page where you need to fill all the necessary information such as period of hosting. 

Then, it will ask you to create an account Hostinger. Fill your Email address in the box. 

After that, you need to select the payment option. 

Then, you will be redirected to the payment page. One more cool thing about Hostinger is, they accept payment through Google Pay and PayPal. 

Choose the option through which you want to make the payment. 

Then, Click on Submit Secure Payment. 

Then, you will be redirected to the payment page. There you have to fill the required information 

Confirm All Conditions

Then Click on the Check-out button. It takes a few minutes to the Hostinger to proceed with the details. 

Just wait for a few minutes, then check your email for important details related to your account. 

You will get an email from hostinger like this:

Hurrah! You’re done. 

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a domain and hosting for you. 

You have overcome the biggest hurdle on the way to start your blog. 

Now, it’s time to set up your WordPress Blog. 

Step 4: Set up your WordPress blog 

Setup your WordPress Blog

Now, go back to Hostinger and login to your account. 

Then click on Hosting in the menu. 

After that, add the your domain. 

Then, click on Manage.

You will be redirected to your Hpanel. If you have purchased Domain not from Hostinger then, you need to Hostinger Nameserver in your domain configuration. 

If you have purchased domain from Hostinger then you don't need to do anything Hostinger will setup everything automatically for you. 

Remember, this information is very essential because you are going to use this login details every time to access your WordPress dashboard. 

So, I would recommend writing your credential details in a diary so if you forget anything you can check there. 

After that, click on the Complete button to move further with the process. 

It takes some time to finish setting up your WordPress website. 

After it gets done, Click on the proceed button to go to the customer area.

Now, you are ready to manage your account. 

Click on Installation Panel and then Click on the Go To Admin Panel to head over to the backend of your blog.

Now you will be redirected to your WordPress. 

Here you have to fill the credential you have chosen while installing WordPress. 

That’s it. You have completed the setup of your WordPress website. 

To login to your WordPress dashboard, you have to enter /wp-admin after your domain name. 

Let me give you an example: if your domain address is you have to type and it will take you to WordPress login screen. 

Then, you have to enter the Email address or username and password and after that, it will take you to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 5: Choose a beautiful Theme for your blog 

Choose Your WordPress Theme

Selecting a good theme is important because if you don’t choose a decent looking theme you are going to lose a lot of traffic. A good design website makes a good impression on the readers. 

You can find numerous themes on WordPress available for free but I don't recommend any of those free themes. Firstly, free themes are easy to hack, so there is a very high risk attached to losing data. Secondly, free themes speeds are very slow so they decrease the performance of your website which ultimately costs your traffic. 

Theme performs a very vital role in acquiring your readers. A good look is very important if you are starting a new blog in this era. 

It doesn’t matter how valuable your content is, if you don’t have a good design nobody is going to engage with your content. 

A professional looking website builds a trust among your readers.  

Remember, don’t count premium themes as an expense instead count it as an investment. If you are really serious and want to take most out of your blog, invest in themes and plugins. 

I have seen many newbies don’t invest in these things and then they face big issues later. 

So, the real question is which theme is best for you?

I personally use Generate Press Premium Theme in most of my blogs, because it offers amazing options and at the same time it loads very fast. Recently, Google has announced that website speed influences the ranking indirectly so it is important to keep your website fast. 

GeneratePress is very popular among bloggers. Using this theme can take your blog to the next level. So, I would recommend you to go with this theme. 

Are you confused about how to buy GeneratePress Premium Theme? Wait, Let me guide you:

Step 1: Click on this Special Link to purchase GeneratePress Premium Theme

Step 2: Then, Click on Premium > Get it Now > Add to Cart Options. You will see the theme is added into your cart.  

Step 3: Then, Login to your GeneratePress Account and Click on Account > Downloads. 

Step 4: After that, you can see a button GeneratePress Premium. 

Step 5: Click on it to save it into your computer. 

And, the GP plugin will be saved into your computer. 

Then, Copy the license key as shown in the below screenshot. 

Step 6: Go back to your WordPress dashboard, Click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. 

Upload the GP Plugin and after installation, Activate the Plugin. 

Step 7: Then, Go to Appearance > GeneratePress > Updates and paste the license key to activate plugin features. 

Hurrah! You are done with theme installation. 

Step 6: Some Important Plugins For Your Blog

essential wordpress plugins

Plugins are the backbone of WordPress. You cannot optimize your content, architecture or even speed without plugin. You can find numerous plugins in wordpress but that doesn’t mean they all are useful. 

You need to select the plugin carefully as it directly affects the website speed. Here is the list of all plugins which I personally use in most of my websites-

Thrive Architect - You can create awesome landing pages with this page builder. It is super easy to use and you can very easily design a decent landing page with this plugin. 

Every page in this website is designed by using the Thrive Architect plugin

Akismet Anti-Spam - This plugin will help you to control spam comments on your website. 

Social SnapIt will help you to share your content on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

RankMath SEO -  It is necessary to optimize the content of your website to drive traffic from search engines. RankMath is best to optimize your content and it offers many advanced features that are available in Yoast premium version only. So, you can use Rank Math to optimize your website content. 

Thrive Leads - If you want to build your email list, you can use this plugin to capture the email of your readers. 

WP-Rocket - WP-Rocket is all in one plugin to speed up your website performance. It is the best plugin you can use for caching, optimizing your website CSS & Javascript. But, I want to mark this, it is a paid plugin. You have to invest 50$ to use it for your website. 

But, you can also use the W3 Total Cache free version as an alternative to this plugin. It is also a very good caching plugin available for free. 

Asset Clean Up - You can use this plugin to stop unnecessary scripts running on a particular web page. However, I would recommend it to use only if you have some CSS & Javascript knowledge. 

If you don’t have enough knowledge of it, avoid using this plugin as it can destroy your page layout. 

So, these are the plugins which I generally use in each of my blogs.

Step 7: Write & Publish your first Post

Write your first post

Now, before starting this section I would like to congratulate you that you have successfully set up your first blog and now it is time to create some posts for your blog. 

To create your first blog post, Go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New

After that, you will see the following landing page shown below:

Here you can start writing your first post. 

Now, I’ll share some mind blowing tips to help you to create your amazing post:

  • You can start with keyword research. Do some research in your niche and find amazing keywords that are easy to rank for. As your website is new, you can start with long tail keywords because they are easy to rank. 

  • Then, make an awesome title for your post by using numbers and power words. Don’t forget to integrate your keyword in your title. It helps in SEO. 

  • Now, write an amazing content around that keyword topic. Provide as much in-depth information as you can.  A comprehensive article engages your reader more.

  • You can also check my On Page-SEO guide to optimize your content better. 

  • Make sure to add some non-copyright images in your article. You can create your own images by using any tool or you can also visit websites such as Pexels, Pixabay or Unsplash to download non-copyright images for your blog. 

  • Make your content personal to engage more with your readers. 

Now let’s move to the next topic. 

Step 8: Promote Your Blog to Get Instant Traffic

Now, everything is done. It is the time to bring some traffic on your website. You have to start promoting your blog to get initial traffic on your website. 

Blog Promotion is a must activity you should do after publishing any new post. You can promote your blog through different ways. One of the best ways to promote your blog & bring initial traffic to a website is to start promoting your content on social media platforms. 

Social Media platforms are the best medium to bring initial traffic on your website. Here is the list of some of the best social media platforms to promote your content. 

1. FacebookIt is the biggest social media platform with over 2.5 billion monthly active users. You can use it to promote your content. 

Create a Facebook Page & Facebook Group for your blog so that you can interact with other bloggers of the same niche. Then, start sharing your posts on Facebook group & Facebook page to acquire the instant traffic. 

2. Quora -   Quora is the best source to bring initial and relevant traffic on your website. It is the main source of traffic for many big bloggers. Write in-depth informative answers on Quora and generate quality traffic for your website. 

3. Twitter Twitter can also help you in generating initial traffic for your blog. Hashtags play a big role in Twitter. So, use the right hashtag with your content so reach to your readers. 

4. LinkedInNext social media platform in my list is LinkedIn. The best part of LinkedIn is, its organic reach is very good as compared to Facebook or Instagram. Leverage LinkedIn to boost your initial traffic. 

5. Pinterest Many newbies under value the power of Pinterest. It has 335 million active users every month. So, you can imagine on your own the potential of Pinterest. 

There are many other social media platforms you can leverage for initial traffic of your blog such as Tumblr, Folkd, Instagram, Slashdot, etc. 

Step 9: Some of the Best Ways to make Money from your Blog

start make money online

Here comes the most important step, 

How will you make money from your blog?

There are many ways which can help you to make money from your blog. Don’t worry I will share some of the ways here through which you can easily make a handsome amount of money. 

Are you excited to monetize your blog? Well then, let’s dive into it:

Ad Network: Earning revenue from advertising is the most common way of earning from a new blog. Many bloggers use this method to generate a decent amount of money from their blog. 

There are many ad networks available on the internet but Adsense and are the two most recognized ad networks. Since you are a beginner, I would recommend you to go with Adsense as it is owned by Google. 

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. The best part is, you don’t need tons of traffic on your website for affiliate marketing. You can earn a decent amount of money through affiliate marketing even if you don’t have enough traffic on your website. All you need is targeted traffic to convert clicks into cash. 

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is also a great way to earn a decent amount of income from your blog. Once your blog gets recognized, many companies will approach you for sponsorships. 

Offering Services: If you have expertise in any field you can offer that service to your readers. They will pay you directly for your service. This is one of the fastest as well as convenient ways to earn money online. 

Sell Your Course: If you have a trusted audience from your blog you can create a paid course for them. You can help them in learning and acquiring any new skill or knowledge through a course and they will pay you to enroll in your course. But remember, try to deliver the best value course otherwise, this method will not work for you in the long run. 

So these are some ways through which you can make money from your blog. 

FAQs Related to How to Start a Blog in 2020?

FAQ - How to-start-a-blog

Q1. Can I start a blog for free?

Yes,  you can start a blog for free but I don’t recommend that. A free blog will give you limited access and you will not have full control over your blog website. So, I would recommend you to do some investment in hosting & domain and start a professional blog.

Q2. How much does it cost to start a blog?

First of all, starting a blog is not a cost instead it is an investment. It is the same as when you start any other business. Talking about investment, you need to invest in a domain & good hosting.

Q3. How to start a blog that will make you money?

In the above guide, I have explained everything on how to start a blog and then monetize it. You can read the detailed guide to start your blog and make money.

Q4. How many posts do I need to start a blog?

There are no specific numbers to this question. You can create as many posts as you want. But, always create a fresh & authentic post.

Q5. How to start a blog using WordPress?

In the above guide, I have shared a simple step by step process to start a blog using WordPress. You can read the whole guide to start your WordPress blog and earn money.


Well, you have come this far, I hope you like this post and I am pretty sure now you can easily start a stunning blog which can help you in making money online. 

But remember, this journey is not ending and if you see by my eyes this is the beginning of your journey. You have to learn and apply new things on a daily basis to sustain yourself in this blog ocean. A successful blogger always learns & applies new things to see the results. 

I hope you like this article, and If you found it informative please share it on social media platforms or with your relatives and friends.

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