How to change Site Title in WordPress?

Do you want to know how to change the site title in the WordPress blog? No need to look around further today I will be sharing the process to easily change your site title in WordPress blog. So just grab a cup of coffee and stick with this article. 


According to creative minds, more than 455 million websites in the world use WordPress that holds the market share of 35% of all websites in the world. It is one of the most popular Content Management System on the web and why not it just need a few clicks to set up a new blog on WordPress. It is very simple to set up a blog on WordPress and that’s the reason why everyone prefers WordPress today.  

You can change your WordPress site title in two ways. I’ll explain each of them & it’s up to you to adopt the one that is more convenient for you.

Step by Step Process to Change WordPress Site Title from Appearance Tab 

Follow these simple steps to easily change the Site Title of your WordPress Blog:

1. First Open Your WordPress Dashboard

2. Then, Hover to Appearance Tab on the left sidebar and then click on Customize

3. After that, go to Site Identity 

4. Change or Edit your Title

5. After writing your Site Title, click on Save or Publish Changes.

step to change site title in wordpress
how to change site title in wordpress
how to change site title in wordpress

Hurrah! You have successfully changed your WordPress Site Title.

You can follow the same steps to change the Tagline too.

Step to Change WordPress Site Title from Settings

Similar to the above method, you need to follow few steps to change WordPress site Title from Settings-

1. Open your WordPress dashboard

2. Hover to Settings Tab & Click on General 

3. Change your site Title & Tagline

4. Click on Save Settings

how to change site title in wordpress in settings
steps to change wordpress site title in settings
save settings

Congratulations! You are done.

Wrapping Up

I would like to tell you if you want to change your existing blog Site Title it can affect your ranking on SERP. The above method is the best practise for new blogs. So, if you have a well-established blog change your WordPress Site Title cautiously. 

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